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Websites come in 2 main forms ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’.

Static: With these websites the content such as text, images, audio & video are hard coded into the page and cannot be amended without script authoring skills. A plus for these sites are that they tend to load faster to the browser. The single page free website that we offer to our email only customers is of this type loading cleanly and speedily across devices.

Dynamic: Most websites are of this form. Page content is stored in a database and can be amended through a content management system (cms). People editing this form of site need not have script authoring skills and it is therefore of use to more people.

Website types


Defined as an online journal or informational website that has the characteristic of displaying content in order of date entered with youngest first. A big plus for blogs is that they allow visitor feedback in the form of comments on blog entries. Income streams from sponsored posts and inpage advertising are possible with blog sites. With modern content management systems (cms) a site can be all or just part blog giving the appearance of a blog integrated into a conventional website.


Branded in the same style as the business it is promoting these websites can be the first port of call for potential customers, and therefore should describe in images, words and other media the products and services the business is selling. Visitors are presented with location and contact details and may even contact the business through the website. Investment opportunities within the business may be featured along with policy documents for viewing or download.


Online courses are becoming very popular. Students are presented with content on a particular subject and are then asked questions on that content. Answers are graded and certificates can be made available based on overall scores. Details of courses taken can be recorded along with grades attained and invitations for further study issued. Sites can offer online payment options to students.


These websites are a welcome escape for lots of people providing humorous stories or jokes, lighthearted videos and many other distractions from the norm. Revenue may be generated from onpage advertising.


A replacement for the old dial-in bulletin boards these sites allow visitors to communicate with one another by making postings. Usually anonymous visitors can read posts but only registered visitors can create new topics, or threads, and post to them. Forums are often used by business as part of their after sales support whereby customers can ask questions and gain a response from staff or other customers.


Aimed at charitable organisations these websites are used to outline the good works carried out, provide contact details and give visitors the opportunity to support these works, usually through donations or by volunteering time.


For use by particular group or groups usually within a business or corporate body they serve as a collection point for data and any functions required to act on that data. These sites can be small and simple or very complex and they may reside on the public internet or private network. Visitors are normally required to be logged in through various levels of security.


These are showcases for collections of past work or for currently available design options. A good example would be event photographer or tattooist.

Shop (eCommerce):

Visitors choose from available services and products which are saved to a shopping cart. Products may be tangible, such as a book or a pair of shoes, which will be shipped to the visitor. Alternatively products may take the form of downloads examples of which are scripts and ebooks. Chosen services and products are purchased at the checkout using the selected payment method. Funds are exchanged and the website owner is notified of the details of the purchase. For tangible products shipping labels and documentation can be produced by the website and for downloads the visitor can be taken to a secure area of the website from where the product can be downloaded.


Content on these sites is generally a collaborative effort involving registered or unregistered visitors. A wiki can be on any subject covering areas like fan clubs, business resources or it can be a collection of valuable information sources.

I’m interested in a new website, what do I do next?

At we can provide you with an up to date bespoke website that meets your every requirement. All we need is a general outline of your requirements in the first instance and to this purpose we have put together the form below. When we have your form we will formulate a proposal which comprises the site specification, media provision where applicable, a start date for the project and a price for the completed site. We may need to contact you in order to clarify a particular area of the project so please be sure to give preferred means and times so that we can do this. You will be able to view the site as it progresses towards completion but we do ask for full payment prior to the site going live.

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