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Server profile

Our fast modern server resides in a uk located datacentre, is maintained 24 hours a day 365 days a year and comes with a near 100% uptime guarantee. Plus our server runs the CentOS operating system a close variant on the popular Red Hat Linux which has a reputation for security. This combination makes our server a powerful website delivery system.

Control panel

Each hosting account comes bundled with cPanel control panel a user-friendly admin area from where all account features can be accessed. These include a fully featured email client, a choice of Horde or Roundcube, and useful email filters to reduce spam delivery. Web Disk storage and various website visitor analysys apps are also included.


Each hosting account comes with a FREE Domain Validation SSL certificate.

The free certificate is sufficient to activate a visitor’s browser padlock.

Higher level certificates are available.


Package specific values are;

WordPress Optimised Hosting

Optimisation covers the following;



Search engine friendly


We have updated server settings so as to mesh more efficiently with WordPress core functions resulting in fast website delivery. Delivery speed further enhanced through code minimisation.


We have hardened the WordPress installation in key areas of security to the benefit of the website owner and visitor. Visitor safety is further enhanced with an SSL encrypted connection. Updates are applied to the WordPress installation as and when they are made available removing code vulnerabilities.

Search engine friendly

The WordPress installation has been subjected to our ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ checklist.


£5.08/month with 1GB hosting space

£7.16/month with 2GB hosting space

£9.24/month with 3GB hosting space


Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address is available for purchase alternatively the shared hosting IP will be applied.

CGI access

CGI scripts may be used across all hosting packages.

Digest Authentication at account creation

Due to potential security issues cPanel Web Disk may not be accessed with an unencrypted connection using plain text, encrypted connections only.

Additional bandwidth & diskspace prices

Extra disk space is available at '25.00 per 1GB / year

Top-up bandwidth is available at '10.00 per 10GB valid for the remainder of the current hosting period.

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