Legal Requirements


American FTC, Federal Trade Commission, and thus the UK’s CMA, Competition and Markets Authority, regulations require bloggers and website owners to ensure that payments of any kind including cash, free and discounted products and services or gift certificates are disclosed to the website visitor. This should be done before any promotional article or links.


The above disclosure requirement applies also to affiliate links. On social media use appropriate hash tags such as #ad. Always ‘nofollow’ affiliate links a tag should include ‘rel=”nofollow”‘.

For a more complete guide for bloggers and website owners on disclosures for social media influencers the reader is encouraged to visit the FTC’s own website. This information is important in preventing legal problems later.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It used to be that SEM comprised organic search engine optimisation and paid search advertising but in contemporary digital marketing strategies SEM exclusively refers to paid searches.

An increasing number of purchases are made over the world wide web and the internet has become an invaluable tool for researching products and services prior to making a purchase. Using SEM a company can extend its reach across the internet. The effectiveness of SEM in making sales is high due to the prospective customer already showing an interest in a particular product or service.

Paid search campaigns are available from most major search engines and typically consist of pay per click listings and distributed advertisement networks whose content website owners, known as publishers, can choose to show on their website for a return.

Google Ads and Facebook are two industry giants with millions of advertisers, companies advertising through their networks, but there are a plethora of less well known networks to choose from.


We are assured that AdRecover adheres to high standards in user experience (UX) design resulting in unobtrusive, visitor friendly ads. Publishers can integrate AdWords into their website in five minutes or less by adding a single line of code between the sites’s head tags. Once the compliance and approval stage has been successfully passed the advertising goes live on the publisher’s website.


Yahoo, the 6th most visited website according to Alexa, offers website owners an opportunity to earn extra revenue displaying their native and video ads.

Propel Media

As a publisher generate incremental revenue from your website and enjoy site relevant advertising by displaying ads from top quality advertisers. Propel media claim that ‘publishers can significantly lift their revenue and enhance their bottom line’ by leveraging their additive products. Click the Propel Media link above to learn more.


If you’re looking to generate new frevenue streams consider ShareASale. ShareaSale brings together traditional affiliates, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, influencers, and website owners with relevant partner retailers. Publishers enjoy easily understood reporting and tracking of commissions. Earnings are paid monthly.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves website owners or content publishers selling other’s products and services for a commission. Successful affiliate marketing is both hard work and rewarding, with many website owners generating lucrative secondary revenue streams this way.

Some businesses manage their own affiliate schemes while most use affiliate networks and platforms.

To participate in affiliate marketing;

  • Find an affiliate scheme of interest and join
  • Select products you would like to promote
  • Obtain your unique product link
  • Publish unique product link on your website, blog and social media platform
  • Take receipt of your affiliate sales commission

Well known businesses that manage their own affiliate schemes and affiliate programs.


A selection of affiliate networks and affiliate platforms





Link Connector


Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten manage Mountain Warehouse’s affiliate program.

Bank Rate Credit Cards

Click here for more information on transferwise’s comprehensive multi currency account.

Sell Merchandise

Imagine an online shop where the marketing, production, fulfillment and customer services are provided for free and where a commission is paid on each sale. Products from mens, womens and childrens wear to mugs, cushions, mousemats and hundreds more items. Upload your own artwork / logo for printing onto your chosen products and, voila, you can build up an attractive portfolio of products for sale on your site.


Use CafePress’s powerfull tools to apply your artwork, picture perfect, to over 400 retail-quality products and enjoy automatic push updates to your social media networks.


Advanced Android & iOS software development tools, world wide distribution and real-time data analytics.
Easily apply your artwork to 250 plus products.


With Spreadshirt you can sell your artwork on over 170 products.
Sell through the Spreadshirt Marketplace or your own internet eCommerce site with high commissions paid on sales.


A free-to-use platform that will apply your artwork to over fifty product types.
There is no upfront costs or risk as Teespring provides everything from printing to shipping to customer surface.

Paid Membership

Charging for access to content, including streamed content, downloads or group chat, combined with recurring or one-off payment can provide a lucrative revenue stream.

Product Reviews

Product reviews increasingly influence a businesses’ ability to sell its products and services as well as nudge the customer to make that purchase. This article on the website contains some persuasive statistics such as 88% plus of online shoppers include product reviews in their decision to purchase.

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for influential reviewers, or influencers, that have a reasonable number of followers.