Hosting only

Server profile

Our fast modern server resides in a uk located datacentre, is maintained 24 hours a day 365 days a year and comes with a near 100% uptime guarantee. Plus our server runs the CentOS operating system a close variant on the popular Red Hat Linux. This combination makes our server a powerful website delivery system.

Control panel

Each hosting account sports a user-friendly cPanel control panel from where all account features can be accessed, these include a fully featured email client, a choice of Horde or Roundcube, email filters & visitor statistics app Awstats.


Each hosting account comes with a FREE Domain Validation SSL certificate.
The free certificate is sufficient to activate a visitor’s browser padlock.
Higher level certificates are available.

Standard hosting

Disk space: 1000MB
Bandwidth: 100GB / month
Email addresses: 5
MySQL databases: 1
Standard hosting price: £25.00 per year domain renewal not included.

Additional bandwidth & diskspace prices

Extra disk space is available at £20.00 per 1GB / year
Top-up bandwidth is available at £10.00 per 10GB valid for the remainder of the current hosting period.